PCI and HIPAA Compliance

At IDRGroup, we understand that PCI compliance is a process, not a check box.


Companies affected by the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) are required to meet a wide range of technical and operation requirements. Addressing these standards is not simply a matter of avoiding penalties; it’s about incorporating security best practices that protect cardholder data into everyday activities.

PCI DSS 3.0 contains 12 requirements and 304 controls that apply to all entities involved in payment card processing. Most organizations seek to address these requirements to deliver security controls by deploying multiple stand-alone products. Relying on separate technologies creates a costly, time-consuming integration burden. This approach is especially challenging for smaller organizations that have fewer resources to acquire, configure, and manage those separate technologies.

At IDRGroup, we understand that PCI compliance is a process, not a check box. To achieve compliance takes focus, determination, and the right set of tools. By building these essential security capabilities into an integrated, complete solution, IDRGroup delivers a workflow-centric solution that materially reduces your organization’s time to compliance versus a solution stitched together from individual point products.

We also understand that simplicity and effectiveness go hand-in-hand. IDRGroup can help you unify your defenses, saving you time and money, and reducing the complexity of doing everything yourself.


Traditional SIEM approaches aren’t sufficient for today’s HIPAA compliance requirements and changing cybersecurity landscape. They’re costly, complex, and they take too long to deploy. Our Managed Security Service (MSS) delivers more functionality—at reduced costs—and in significantly less time.

Meeting and demonstrating compliance with HIPAA requirements presents a number of operational challenges for covered entities, whose ultimate goal is patient care. So when it comes to protecting the ePHI of those patients, and demonstrating that security controls are in place and working, it’s essential to do this as quickly, efficiently and accurately as possible. That way, the organization can focus on what matters.

Our service delivers all of the essential security capabilities you need to be ready for your HIPAA Compliance audit. There is no need for purchasing, deploying and integrating asset discovery, threat detection, vulnerability assessment, network analysis and reporting tools.