Cybersecurity Monitoring

IDRGroup’s Managed Security Service (MSS) provides a managed solution that leverages our team of experienced cyber security analysts and puts them to work for you!

A subscription to our Manages Security Services includes:
  • A dedicated team of highly trained and certified cybersecurity engineers

  • Access via a secure customer access portal to an intuitive dashboard interface

  • real-time intelligence on the security state of your network

  • monthly internal vulnerability assessment and security analysis report

  • the hardware requires to monitor your entire network

  • timely notification of the security events you need to know about

The recent wave of high profile attacks on national retailers makes it abundantly clear that traditional, signature-based security measures are simply inadequate when it comes to stopping today’s cyber-criminals. Businesses of all sizes can no longer rely on automated solutions to protect their data. Today’s cyber criminals are very proficient at bypassing multiple automated defenses. The MSS makes use of a powerful engine to provide superior Correlation Services to gather, analyze and identify illicit activity as reported from the entire range of your security mechanisms.

Fortunately, virtually all attacks on your network leave behind indicators that signal a problem. For example, a host sending unusual broadcast requests or performing file transfers to foreign network addresses is an indicator of data theft. Our Managed Security Service monitoring identifies these behaviors, and alerts our Operations Center which will work with you to resolve the issues.

IDRGroup’s robust MSS solution, when used as part of a defense in depth strategy, correlates logs from various devices within your network, with its own analysis process, to gain greater context and understanding of a potential attack.

a general comparison of the relative capabilities, as well as costs of implementing your own monitoring/SIEM system (DIY) as opposed to allowing us to handle it for you. Not only is it easier while providing you with tons of functionality, it’s also vastly less expensive!
FeaturesIDRGroup Managed Security ServiceDIY SIEM
Asset Discovery
Vulnerability Assessment
Threat Detection
Behavioral Reporting
Security Intelligence
Passive Network Discovery
Active Network Scanning
Host-based Software Inventory
Continuous Vulnerability Monitoring
Network IDS
Host IDS
Wireless IDS
File Integrity Monitoring
Compliance Monitoring
Netflow Analysis
Service Availability Monitoring
Log management

$$$ – Hire qualified security practitioners
$$$$ – Ensure that your practitioners have adequate levels of knowledge