Assessment Services

In order to fully understand your present security posture, it is vital to accurately and fully assess the state of your cybersecurity environment. Please look through these various services described below and contact us should you have any questions.


Average cost of data breaches to a company in 2014


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Reputational harm and loss of confidential data are the top consequences to cybercrime incidents. — 2014 PwC State of Cybersecurity Study

Assessment Services

  • Penetration Testing Assessment

    Get a “hackers eye” view of the effectiveness of your security program when we utilize their tools and techniques to test the strength of your defenses.  We not only fully document the testing results, but will also provide concrete recommendations to address any detected issues.

    Truly a “proof is in the pudding” approach, this testing is the only effective way to know how your perimeter defenses, or “defense in depth” measures, will hold up if attacked.

  • Perimeter Vulnerability Assessment

    Your network perimeter is your organization’s first line of defense. As the gateway to the internet and your customers, it is continuously subjected to attacks from all over the world.
    A comprehensive assessment of your network’s perimeter is essential for protecting your company and your customers, and is a key part of any cybersecurity program. Our approach provides you with a comprehensive assessment that is easy to understand.

  • Internal Vulnerability Assessment

    Because their targets may have well defended perimeters, cybercriminals will try their best to circumvent those defenses and gain access to the target’s internal network. Using a variety of tactics, attackers trick your employees into giving them an opening they can exploit to gain access.
    For this reason, a comprehensive assessment must also include your internal systems. What systems and software present the greatest risk to your company? How can you manage that risk in an effective and economical fashion? Our internal assessment will give you a clear roadmap to answering those questions.

  • Incident Assessment

    A bizarre set of emails, your web site is unreachable, or even strange behavior on your network. These are all events that can raise the question “Have we been hacked?”
    Our incident response experts can quickly assess the situation and determine if you are indeed under attack. If an attack is confirmed, you can take immediate advantage of our team’s expertise to eradicate the threat while minimizing the damage.

  • Security Program Assessment

    An organization’s security is only as good as it’s security program. Most organizations already have a security program in place, but how do you know if your program is as complete and robust as it needs to be? Is your program flexible enough to adapt to an ever changing threat landscape?
    Our team of security management experts have decades of experience forming and updating security programs for organizations of all sizes. Our security program assessment will provide a fresh set of eyes to evaluate and improve the cornerstone of your defense strategy.

  • Compromise Assessment

    Breaches and compromises have, unfortunately, become a fact of life in many industries. If your company was a victim of a compromise or breach, you want to ensure you don’t fall prey again.
    Our team of forensic experts can examine the systems that were victimized and exactly determine the what, when, and how of the compromise. A compromise assessment also provides you with clear guidance on how to protect your organization from attacks in the future.

  • Security Controls Gap Assessment

    While having a strong security program forms the foundation for protecting your organization, a program is only effective as the controls that support it. How do you know if your controls are deployed effectively? How do you measure the effectiveness of these controls? How do you identify the gaps that can place you at risk?
    Our seasoned experts can work with your security team to assess the effectiveness of your security program. Using industry accepted standards such as SANS 20 Critical Security Controls, we perform a robust audit of your security controls and identify where there are gaps and how to fix them.

  • Response Readiness Assessment

    Organizations that wish to enhance their ability to respond to security events may decide to form their own internal response team. But developing the right response program can be a daunting task.
    Our team of experienced incident responders can assess your organization’s ability to respond to security readiness and provide you with sound guidance. Guidance to form the right policies, craft robust procedures with predictable results, and gather the right team to quickly and effectively respond to security threats.