Additional Managed Cybersecurity Services

IDRGroup offers managed cybersecurity services that scale to fit every company and every budget

IDRGroup offers managed cybersecurity services that scale to fit every company and every budget. From small or home office to global enterprise deployments, we can meet your needs.

✓ Network Intrusion Detection

No one product protects your servers and workstations from every attack. Some work better than others and protect against specific attacks, but none protects against every attack. Employees may take laptops home where the device gets infected, then bring that machine back to the office the next day, spreading malware throughout the enterprise. Our intrusion sensors detect those types of attacks and infections. We can detect malware and other anomalous activity in real-time within your network, and provide immediate notification, so the threat can be eliminated.

✓ Host Intrusion Detection

Host-based intrusion detection monitors servers for any unauthorized modifications whether they be from internal changes or a possible external security event on the server. Monitoring includes file integrity checks, system log files and rootkit detection. Our device communicates with the IDRGroup Security Operations Center where our analysts correlate with other sources and determine if your server has been attacked, how it was attacked and begin remediation activities to minimize any impact to your operations.

✓ Internet proxy

This service allows you to monitor and control your internet bandwidth usage. Browsing response times and performance is improved by storing commonly accessed webpages on the local proxy server. Our proxies are also capable of blocking inappropriate sites based on your business needs and preferences, from specific sites to categories of sites such as pornography, gambling, social media, etc. A standard component of our proxy service is reports on user activity allowing you to determine if employees are engaging in inappropriate activities or using excessive bandwidth.