Cyber Mission Force (Part Two of Military Cybersecurity Threats)

The USA is still a world power and it remains the strongest. But this could change, and our enemies would revel in our downfall. The good news is that we have a resolve to preserve our way of life, and compassion to protect our allies. American has a cyber mission force and this article explores what this entails. Also we have the money, the technological resources, and the brilliant people to secure the future. This is part two of our look at military cybersecurity threats. Read part one of our military cybersecurity threats here.

Cyber Mission Force

Military Cybersecurity Threats and America’s Cyber Mission Force

We ought to be grateful to live in an advanced and civilized country. However, we will win the cybersecurity war. Here is an over-view of America’s position as it currently stands. The US Defense website has a sophisticated strategy to protect the country with:

A Cyber Defense Posture

The purpose of this strategy is to guide the development of DoD’s cyber forces and strengthen our cyber defense and cyber deterrence posture. It focuses on building cyber capabilities and organizations for DoD’s three primary cyber missions.

  1. Defend DoD Networks
  2. Defend the U.S. Homeland and U.S. National Interests
  3. Provide Cyber Support to Military Operations and Contingency Plans

Three Primary Cyber Missions

State and non-state actors threaten disruptive and destructive attacks against the United States and conduct cyber-enabled theft of intellectual property to undercut the United States’ technological and military advantage. DoD must develop its cyber forces and strengthen its cyber defense and cyber deterrence posture.

  • National Mission Teams — 13 Teams
  • Cyber Protection Teams — 68 Teams
  • Combat Mission Teams — 27 Teams
  • Support Teams — 25 Teams

It’s amazing to do a study on today’s U.S. military. It’s flabbergasting! Our cyber mission force is strong, almost as strong as our traditional military. We have ships, planes, guns, missiles, and tanks that surpass the imagination in what they can do. Just a few of these weapons could have won WW II all by themselves! However, this is the 21st century and things have changed. What good is a plane or a tank without fuel? What good is any weapon without ammunition? Cyber attacks can neutralize conventional weapons systems by taking out internet, supply operations, and military communications.

Back to the Washington Post, Trump reveals his concerns about hostile cyber attacks:

The Federal Government has a responsibility to defend America from cyberattacks that could threaten U.S. national interests or cause significant damage to American’s personal or economic security. That responsibility extends to protecting both privately and publicly operated critical networks and infrastructure.

In conclusion, we are not fighting Attila the Hun. The cyber mission force is our defense. Furthermore, our battle is fought first and foremost in the technology arena. If we lose there, our advanced weapons systems cannot save us. However, we are winning there, so let’s be optimistic.

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