Exposing Your Hidden Risks & Vulnerabilities

Assessment Services Factsheet  One of the key factors in protecting your company’s assets, both physical and virtual, is understanding your existing vulnerabilities. An attacker only needs one server with a single weakness to compromise your entire network. These security vulnerabilities can vary from having missed a patch cycle in the past, unknowingly using a tool with a known weakness or a simple misconfiguration of a system or network.

Secure Your Networks. Protect Your Customers.

Identifying your organization’s weaknesses is one of the most important aspects of an effective defense strategy. Organizations that ignore their vulnerabilities face severe repercussions—fines, lawsuits, loss of critical data, and perhaps worst of all: damage to their reputation. IDRGroup’s portfolio of assessment services have helped our clients protect themselves and their customers against data compromise and theft while strengthening their overall security posture.

Complete, Actionable Reporting.

IDRGroup reviews collected data from a variety of tools and sources and presents you with an integrated security report that clearly and accurately identifies your risks and exposures. Our analysts draw on their considerable experience and insight to provide you with the most complete vulnerability information available. Vulnerability information is clearly ranked and categorized, providing you with a clear roadmap that leads your organization to a more secure environment.

Effective and Economical.

Most organizations realize the risks posed by cybersecurity threats are real and are increasing their spending on information security. But how can you be sure that your security programs and investments are effective? IDRGroup’s team of experienced security professionals can test all aspects of your security program using our time tested methodology built on open source technology, providing robust and cost-effective solutions.

Improve Your Security Posture and Resist Attacks.

With IDRGroup’s extensive line of assessment services, our team can help you accurately identify your vulnerabilities and provide you with valuable guidance that will increase your organization’s resilience against the latest threats.